Show Luo’s mother praises Grace Chow

Pop star’s rumoured girlfriend called considerate and a good cook

Show Luo

Show Luo’s mother appeared at the autograph session for his new album, Reality Show, on Saturday, and spoke glowingly of his rumoured girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow, calling her a considerate, caring girl who can cook a mean bowl of noodles.

It was the first time Show’s mother spoke publicly about Grace, and she said she was pleased with her but wasn’t in any hurry to welcome grandchildren and wouldn’t rush the couple to get married.

Show Luo mother

At his autograph session, Show said he had been under intense pressure last year after he accepted a role in Stephen Chow’s new movie, Mermaid, and had to get up at 5 am every day to spend up to five hours doing special effects makeup. He suffered eczema from filming underwater during winter, and was so stressed he started losing patches of hair.

Show was preparing his new album at the same time, doubling his workload and leaving him no time to rest. The singer said he threw things to vent his frustration, and even suspected himself of developing bipolar disorder.

Thankfully, Stephen praised Show’s performance in Mermaid, and Reality Show sold 50,000 copies during the 10-day pre-order period.

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