Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend’s message to haters

Grace Chow posted a video of her take on the ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’ to people who’ve called her “ugly”

Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend’s message to haters

Taiwanese actor-singer Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend Chinese blogger Grace Chow hopped onto the ‘Don’t Judge Challenge’ trend, where people share videos of themselves transforming from “ugly” to “beautiful”. Girls who do the challenge usually appear with a uni-brow, overdrawn lips, missing teeth and acne in the first half and then perfect makeup in the second half of their video.

Grace’s video posted on Weibo on Saturday showed her wearing a short pink bob wig with eyebrows drawn too high above her natural ones and messy eye makeup with moles and pimples drawn onto her face. She also coloured her teeth black, gave herself thick red lips and over-contoured her nose. Then, in the second half of the video, she showed her normal self, dancing to the music in a black hoodie and cap with her usual makeup and long hair.

The 26-year-old posted two more photos of her supposedly “ugly” self and captioned that she dressed up as a form of stress release, saying to her haters, “The uglier you say I am, the more I will laugh and joke around for you to see!”

Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend’s message to haters

Then, netizens brought up the fact that Show posted a video of him dressing up as a girl with two braids last month (July 19) and left comments such as “You and Show are a perfect match” and “You two are meant for each other!” Other fans left encouragements like: “It doesn’t matter whether or not you are perfect. I will still like you!”

Show reportedly plans to propose to the Angelababy-lookalike at the end of the year, which isn’t hard to believe because of how often the two have been spotted together.

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