Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend: My face is my own

Grace Chow fights back against plastic surgery discussion

Grace 2

Chinese blogger Grace Chow, Taiwanese pop star Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend, has hit back at netizens who keep harping on her past rounds of plastic surgery.

She wrote on Weibo on Sunday: “Today I bought some nice clothes and I’m in a good mood, but why do some people keep discussing my cosmetic surgery?”

“Haven’t I owned up to it in the past? That derisive tone makes one uncomfortable. Anyway, my face is my own, and if I want to I can revert to the way I was!”

Grace 1

Some fans posted comments supporting the blogger, saying, “It’s better to be an artificial beauty than naturally ugly.”

Grace has been romantically linked with Show since 2014 when they were seen together in Tokyo, and Show’s fans have been quick to unearth old photos of Grace, nicknamed “Angelababy lookalike,” from her pre-surgery days.

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