Show Luo’s rumoured girlfriend stays positive despite surgery criticism

Grace Chow says she won’t delete her old photos, as they are part of her memories


Photos: PBE Media

Chinese blogger Grace Chow, 24, posted a defiant Weibo message to her critics yesterday, insisting she was happy despite the negative comments she receives on her history of cosmetic surgery.

“Just now I suddenly thought of searching for the keyword ‘happy’ on my Weibo to see how many posts I’ve put up on the topic,” Grace wrote. “There were so many. It turns out I’m always been happy and I seldom feel unhappy, so all of a sudden I realised I’m very fortunate.”


She added that she did indeed look plain in her old photos, but she chose not to delete them. “They are part of my memories, and they form a record of my ups and downs, so why would I delete them just because people make fun of them?” she wrote.

Taiwanese singer Show Luo, 36, admitted to dating the blogger last June, and since then netizens have unearthed numerous old photos of her before she underwent plastic surgery.

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