Show Luo shoots down Makiyo’s comments on his being filial

Singer says there’s nothing wrong with caring about his mother

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Taiwanese pop singer Show Luo, 36, hit back at comments from former girlfriend, Taiwan-based actress Makiyo, that he cared too much about his mother.

“Being filial to our parents is what we should do,” he said on Sunday at an autograph-signing session. “My mother is all the family I have left now, so of course I care about her a lot.”

He added that family was his Achilles’ heel, and his mother’s health and happiness was a prime concern of his.

“Family must be respected,” he said. “Attack me if you want, but if you go after my family I will turn violent. I’m a Leo, I’ve got a bad temper.”

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Makiyo made her comments on a television programme with actress and host Dee Hsu. The former has yet to apologise for her remarks, and she added she wouldn’t initiate contact with Show.

The singer denied that he had fallen out with Dee over this issue, saying, “I’m not angry, and I’m on good terms with Dee.”

Show said Dee had tried to call him, but he couldn’t take her call as he was working and he couldn’t take his phone with him.

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