Show Luo: ‘Taiwanese people don’t support their own’

Singer denies accusations of copying G-Dragon in his latest music video

Show Luo 1

Taiwanese pop star Show Luo has denied he copied South Korean hip-hop singer G-Dragon in the music video for his new single ‘Let Go.’

“Do you think there’s any resemblance?” he replied when asked whether he had indeed stolen ideas from G-Dragon. Show said he thought the accusations were contrived fabrication, and lamented that “Taiwanese people don’t support their own.”

The 36-year-old singer was speaking yesterday at a media event to promote his new album, Reality Show.

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At the same event, Show also said he hopes to marry and settle down. “My mother is all I have now and knowing she won’t be with me forever, I have changed my mind about staying single for good, and I hope I can complete my life,” he said.

But the singer added his mother had not pressured him to get married, and he said he wouldn’t conceal it if he gets married.

Show’s rumoured girlfriend, Chinese blogger Grace Chow, posted a Weibo yesterday that read: “I hope the people who love me could love me more.” When asked for his thoughts on it, Show said he didn’t think the message was directed at him and was probably aimed at her family.

Show Luo copies G-Dragon in his latest music video? 
Grace Chow drops subtle hint in her Instagram post 

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