Show Luo wins a Golden Bell award after 7 years

The singer failed to mention his girlfriend in his thank you speech

Show Luo

Taiwanese singer Show Luo clinched the award for the Best Host for a Variety Show during the 52nd Golden Bell Awards over the weekend (Sep 30). His mother, manager and elders were mentioned during his thank you speech but his Chinese blogger girlfriend Grace Chow was left out. However, that did not stop her from taking to Instagram to congratulate him to which Show replied with a simple ‘thank you.’

Grace posted a picture of selfie with the caption ‘I am sooooooo proud of you!’ and although Show was not in the picture nor was he tagged, it was clear she was talking about him and he confirmed it by thanking her in the comments.

She also remarked about how she felt he looked the same and had not aged since seven years ago.

Grace-Chow (1)

Show admitted to dating the Chinese blogger in June 2015 and the pair could often be seen supporting one other on social media.

Show’s win came as a big achievement to him as he revealed how he had also been excited to win this award seven years ago but unfortunately, failed to do so. He learned to lower his expectations this time around so as to avoid any disappointment again.

However, the 38-year-old finally managed to accomplish his goal this year and thanked 100% Entertainment’s crew and his co-host Butterfly Chien for making it possible.

“I, Show Luo, did not let my fans down today and finally made you proud!” said Show as he expressed his appreciation towards fans for their continuous support.

Despite his success, the singer has remained humble and has not forgotten his roots. When he was a child, his family had financial difficulties and were almost forced to forgo their house as they could not pay the bills. He recently splashed out NT$10 million (approximately S$440,000) of his salary to purchase that old home in Keelung so as to be able to relive his childhood memories with his parents.

Photos: PBE Media

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