Qin Shupei accused of having an “affair” with Edison Chen

The model is said to be married to another man while being in a relationship with Edison Chen


Recently, Hong Kong singer-actor Edison Chen was photographed behaving intimately with Chinese model Qin Shupei in Hong Kong. When asked to comment however, the 35-year-old would only say that he’s “currently very happy”.

After the photographs were posted however, Shupei’s ex-husband, Zhao Lei, who is the general manager of Huayi Brothers Media Corporation, posted on Weibo, alleging that Shupei is still married to him, and that she was having an affair with Edison.

Zhao Lei also wrote in his post, “Why do I still have to respect someone that’s not worth my respect? [Why do I have to] allow those without a moral compass to act recklessly? I have a question too, how is it acceptable for someone to have an affair out in the open?”


However, Shupei had a different story to tell on her own Weibo account. The 25-year-old revealed that the ex-couple had already “started their divorce proceedings last year”, and also claimed that Zhao Lei had given her clothes and belongings to his current girlfriend.

“Please, before you talk about this issue, can you ask your girlfriend to delete all the pictures she has posted on Weibo, where she’s wearing my clothes and carrying my bags? No wonder you still refuse to return me some of my belongings. Everyone, guess who took these pictures?”, the model wrote in her post, which was accompanied with a series of pictures of the female in question.


As for Edison, the singer-actor was seen at a speciality wine store with Shupei on Tuesday afternoon, where he was asked about his relationship with her. The 35-year-old then moved forward, looking as if he was about to grab the reporter’s camera and DV, and left after he pointed his middle finger at said reporter.

After the incident, Edison then took to his Instagram and wrote, “We’ll do whatever we want to do. To put it simply, I meet up with different girls in 15 different cities, so there’s no need for you to hate me.”


Photos: PBE Media

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