Shu Qi, Eddie Peng both open to May–December relationships

Actors collaborate again on movie The Last Women Standing, reviving romance rumours

Shu Qi, Eddie Peng

Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng, 32, said he wouldn’t mind dating a woman as long as she wasn’t older than his grandmother, while actress Shu Qi, 39, said she’s open to any partner older than a son.

The actors were recently promoting their upcoming movie, The Last Women Standing, which is their second collaboration since working together on the 2012 Taiwanese film Love.

Shu Qi and Eddie have been rumoured to be involved and are known to be close friends off-screen, so their playing lovers in The Last Women Standing has got everyone guessing again whether they’re dating in real life.

Asked about their thoughts on relationships at a media event for their new movie, Eddie said, “I think love comes unexpectedly, so I’ll leave it to fate.”

Shu Qi said she was in no hurry to get married, saying, “My mother had me when she was quite young, so I’ve never felt any pressure to marry and produce grandkids for her.”

She emphasised she wasn’t afraid of commitment or marriage, she just hadn’t met the right person, and added she would give up her acting career if she settles down and starts a family so she could devote her time to raising the children well.

Fans have been monitoring the actors’ social media pages, and note that Eddie and Shu Qi seemed to have many similar Weibo posts, including wefies and snaps involving characters from the animated movie Frozen.

Shu Qi, Eddie Peng 2

Shu Qi, Eddie Peng 3

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