Shu Qi furious at Weibo’s photo takedown order

Even-tempered actress has it out with social network’s employee


Taiwanese actress and model Shu Qi, 40, was so angry about a photo takedown order she received from Weibo that she posted her exchange with the social network’s employee on her page.

Shu Qi’s photo was reported for containing elements of advertising, a claim she tried to argue against, but Weibo’s representative wouldn’t give her a straightforward reply and directed her to send in her feedback via other channels.

The actress had attended a Bulgari cocktail event in Beijing on Monday wearing bright jewels and a gauzy dress. That night, she uploaded a photo of herself at the event, but later she received the takedown order.

Chinese actor Chen Kun, 40, commented on Shu Qi’s post: “The other party must have been a bot, you don’t have to pay it any attention.” Shu Qi replied, “Bots are so advanced now.”

Photo: PBE Media

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