Shu Qi posts picture with rumoured beau Stephen Fung

The actress’ picture is seen as an admission to her long-running relationship with Stephen Fung


On Sunday afternoon, Taiwanese actress-model Shu Qi posted a rare selfie with Hong Kong actor-director Stephen Fung, wishing her fans a nice day, and revealing that she had met up with Stephen. After the picture was posted, fans and friends alike flooded the 40-year-old’s post with comments and questions about their relationship.

It was later reported that Shu Qi had decided to post a picture of their meetup as they had been followed by the paparazzi that day. In the pictures Shu Qi is seen smiling and giving a wink, while Stephen is see grinning beside her.

Shu Qi explained that she decided to act before the paparazzi did, and posted the picture with this caption: “To the paparazzi who just snapped a picture of me, please choose a picture where we look better. If not, please use Meitu Xiuxiu (a photo-editing app) on the picture before releasing it, ok? Please understand the feelings of a bare-faced celebrity.”

As her allergies flared up recently, Shu Qi is afraid that her bare-faced look would not turn out well in photographs, thus she decided to post her own edited picture up on Facebook, proclaiming, “At the very least, help me photoshop my face a little, it’s quite angering to be photographed while bare-faced.”

Shu Qi also revealed that, originally, she did not want to reveal her meetup with Stephen, but as she “didn’t want to let the paparazzi sensationalise the news after photographing us together”, she decided to post the picture herself.

Stephen also revealed that he had just returned from France, and that he had wanted to get Shu Qi to act as the female lead for his latest movie.

Shu Qi and Stephen first worked together for the 1997 film, Beauty, after which rumours emerged claiming that the two were in a relationship. In 2012, the couple were seen on the same flight to Tokyo, Japan, and returning to Hong Kong together, though they later denied that they had gone on a holiday together. The two of them have been romantically linked since 19 years ago, although neither have admitted to their relationship.

Photos: PBE Media

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