Shu Qi urges Ruby Lin to get married soon

The 39-year-old met her celebrity friends over the Lunar New Year break for some girls’ talk

Shu Qi urges Ruby Lin to get married soon
Taiwanese baby-faced actress Ruby Lin was recently urged by celebrity friend Shu Qi to marry soon when they met up over the Lunar New Year break.

While most people would spend their time doing visitations at their relatives’ homes, the 39-year-old took the opportunity to catch up with two groups of friends last Saturday (Feb 21) before she flew to Shanghai yesterday to begin filming for her new movie.

Ruby started the day by meeting her bosom friends Shu Qi and Ann Yeh at a cat café for some girls’ talk. The threesome were said to have chatted about relationships and men and Ruby even exclaimed, “Don’t call us sheng nu (loosely translated as ‘leftover girls’) as ‘leftover’ does not sound pleasant. Instead, we should be called ‘eligible bachelorettes’.”

Shu Qi, on the other hand, expressed her concern over Ruby’s marriage. Not only did she ask Ruby to end her days of being single quickly, she also asked her not to be so picky.

“Does it necessarily have to be a handsome man? (I think) it is more important that he is someone who treats you well,” Shu Qi reportedly said.

However, Ruby reportedly quipped in reply, “Don’t you like handsome man?”

Shu Qi urges Ruby Lin to get married soon
Later that night, Ruby had also invited over 10 celebrity friends like Tiffany Xu, Melvin Sia, Eric Chou, Jason Tsou to her home for a party over dinner.

After dinner, Ruby and her group of friends continued their celebrations till 2 a.m. While the actress had won some money while engaging in card games with them, her manager was said to be on a lucky streak and was the biggest winner for the night.

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