Singer Show Luo’s ‘We’re all Chinese’ video clip suspected of being doctored

Netizens debate authenticity of footage


After Taiwanese pop singer Show Luo, 36, got flamed online for declaring at a January 14 press conference that “(t)here’s no need to make such a clear distinction, because we’re all Chinese,” netizens are now debating whether the video clip of him saying so had been doctored.

A longer video of Show at the media event has been released. In the full clip the words seen printed on the stage backdrop are different, and the segment with Show referring to himself as Chinese does not appear at all, leading some fans to believe the incriminating video of Show had been falsified.

However, other netizens pointed out that in both the short and full videos, Show and the emcee appeared wearing the same outfits, so the missing “we are all Chinese” segment meant it had been edited out of the longer video.

In response, Show’s management agency issued a statement that read: “Show is a Taiwanese born and bred, but he is also a Chinese who grew up receiving a Chinese-culture education! If politicians can’t even sort out cross-Strait relations, please don’t keep asking artistes who just want to focus on their performances.”

Show infuriated Taiwanese fans when he made the comment, and many rebuked him online for forgetting his Taiwanese aboriginal roots.

Show Luo lambasted for declaring himself ‘Chinese’  

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