Singers speak up in Kit Chan’s defence

Several singers have expressed their support for the Singaporean songbird

Kit Chan
Following the malicious rumours regarding Singaporean songbird Kit Chan’s “out of tune” performance in I Am a Singer 3, several singers have spoken up in her defense via different platforms.

According to a reporter said to be present at the recording of the show, Kit was not able to reach her notes when she performed Jacky Cheung’s famous ballad ‘Xin Ru Dao Ge’. The reporter also claimed that the performance was heavily edited before broadcast.

In a self-written article, Hong Kong singer Denise Ho criticised the production team for a “lack of ethics”. Meanwhile, singer-actor Ronald Cheng showed support for Kit with a satirical Facebook post which earned over 10,000 likes in a short period of time.

“Why don’t I take part in such programmes? Precisely because I am tone deaf and I can’t hit the high notes for nuts!” Ronald exclaimed.

After Kit’s elimination was announced, her former co-star in TVB drama Healing Hands II, Hong Kong actor Bowie Lam sang praises of the singer on Weibo. He wrote: “Kit’s talent is unbeatable.”

Chinese songbird Laure Shang (Wen Jie) and Taiwanese singer Terry Lin, participants from the first season of I Am a Singer, also named Kit as the contestant who gave the most moving performance.

At the same time, Kit’s manager emphasised that the well-loved singer has held many concerts and was involved in musicals which require outstanding “live” singing abilities.

“Hopefully Kit will have more opportunities to perform in China, so that the audience will get to know her in the most direct manner, and not via these one-sided reports,” she added, while thanking everyone for their concern.

“We respect the opinions of all listeners. But to us, the most important thing is to be well prepared to ensure that the best performance is presented every single time,” Kit’s manager reiterated.  

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