Sodagreen’s lead singer chides fans for recording their concerts

‘Society is too forgiving of those who flout the rules,’ Wu Tsing-fong says

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Wu Tsing-fong, the lead singer of Taiwanese indie band Sodagreen, took to Facebook on Saturday to speak out against concert attendees who disregarded the no-recording rule and filmed their live shows.

The ban on audio and video recordings is stated on the tickets, “but society is too forgiving of those who flout the rules,” the 33-year-old singer wrote on the band’s official Facebook page.

“If this is your attitude, you’re not a fit for Sodagreen, so please don’t come to our concerts again. What we need are close friends and not those disrespectful audience members who think they’re kings just because they paid money to watch our shows. You’ve insulted yourselves and our efforts.”

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After some Internet users suggested that the ban on recording was to ensure that DVDs of Sodagreen concerts sold well, Tsing-fong said, “Sales of our concert DVDs do well no matter what, but even if sales dip after I say this, it’s OK.”

During Sodagreen’s concert on Sunday, Tsing-fong clarified that he hadn’t made his remarks in anger, but instead he was calm and rational. He added that he just wanted fans to enjoy and appreciate the live concerts.

Sodagreen concert-goers are now allowed to take photos and recordings before and after the concert and during the intermission, but any filming during the show is still off limits.

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