Song Seung Heon: ‘I can give up everything for love’

Korean actor promotes new film without girlfriend and co-star, Liu Yifei, by his side

Song Seung Heon 1

Can South Korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon get any more perfect? The actor was promoting his new movie, The Third Way of Love, in Shanghai on Tuesday when he said, “[My character] and I are quite different, but when it comes to love, I can give up everything else.

“Between love and a career, I choose love.”

Seung Heon and his co-star and girlfriend, Chinese actress Liu Yifei, did not appear together at the event. But the actor was friendly with the fans present, and even gave out posters he personally autographed.

Asked whether he would consider shifting his focus from South Korea to mainland China, he said, “As long as there are good roles, I’m happy to accept them, and nowadays we have a lot of Chinese–Korean collaboration projects.”

He added he would be starring in a new Korean drama series alongside Lee Young Ae of Dae Jang Geum fame.

Seung Heon also said he was receiving more support from a growing number of fans, and may travel to China more often in future to meet his local fans.

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