Song Seung Heon is head over heels for Liu Yifei

The Korean actor said that he and his girlfriend “really like each other” 

Song Seung Heon is head over heels for Liu Yifei

After admitting to his relationship with Chinese actress Liu Yifei earlier this month, Korean heartthrob Song Seung Heon has been openly displaying affection for his girlfriend.

In a recent interview with the Chinese media, Seung Heon said that he felt very lucky to be able to work with Yifei for his first Chinese film The Third Way of Love, as he has always been a fan of hers. 

“[The Third Way of Love] is a romance movie. If there is an opportunity, I still want to collaborate with Yifei. We can shoot action films or other genres. It’s okay if we don’t act as lovers. We can even play rivals. Working with Yifei, to me, was a very beautiful and precious memory,” the actor shared.

In addition, Seung Heon revealed his wish to get married after attending the wedding of his senior Bae Yong Joon and singer-turned-actress Park Soo Jin. The 38-year-old also mentioned in a previous interview that he “does not rule out the possibility of a flash marriage”.

Although Seung Heon is 11 years older than Yifei, the actor let on that his girlfriend is more mature than him in many ways. “She always takes care of the people around her. Her positive traits moved my heart. We really like each other now, and I hope this wonderful feeling will continue all the way,” he said with a smile.

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