Song Seung Heon toured Korea with Liu Yifei and her mother

Actors might wed soon


South Korean actor Song Seung Heon, 39, recently travelled with his girlfriend, Chinese actress Liu Yifei, 28, along with her mother and friends in South Korea, even booking a five-star resort villa for his future in-law.

Yesterday the actor’s manager confirmed that the trip took place in October, but he didn’t know whether Seung Heon issued the invitation.

Yifei reportedly entered South Korea via Incheon International Airport on October 4, the day before Seung Heon’s birthday.

Asked whether the trip was a sign that the actors would be tying the knot soon, Seung Heon’s manager said, “Discussing marriage would invade the privacy of both actors, so it’s not appropriate to talk about it.”

Seung Heon and Yifei announced they were dating in August, after they met while filming the Chinese–Korean movie The Third Way of Love last year.

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