Sonia Sui and husband living apart after marriage

The 35-year-old has no plans to become a mother any time soon

Sonia Sui and husband living apart after marriage
Taiwanese model and actress Sonia Sui said recently that she is not living under the same roof as her husband even after their marriage.

The 35-year-old shared the bliss of her flash marriage with her boyfriend Tony Chia earlier this month, but during her first public appearance after her marriage at an event yesterday, Sonia revealed that she has not enjoyed a day of family time with his husband to date.

Sonia added on that she continues to live alone at her Taipei apartment. However, she has reached an agreement with Tony that they would meet at least once every three weeks. Her husband, who is also the stepson of veteran Taiwanese artiste Lai Pei-Hsia, promised to make a monthly visit to accompany his wife for at least two weeks.

Tony’s lack of time with his wife Sonia has led to speculations that he is a highflyer. Though Sonia only chose to describe her husband to be working in the financial sector, netizens found that he is a high-ranking consultant who specialises in planning and managing of government finances.

Sonia and her mother-in-law Pei-Hsia also confirmed that Tony is ‘a boss’.
Though the couple has registered their marriage in America, they have yet to make things official in Taiwan.

When asked on her thoughts of Jay Chou’s fairytale-like wedding, Sonia said jokingly that Jay had raised the bar too high and caused many men to feel stressed about the scale of their wedding.

Sonia also gave a humble reply that she would love to keep her wedding ceremony simple. “I had never dreamt of being a princess,” she said wryly.

As Sonia would be filming her new movie with co-star Joseph Cheng in Berlin over the Lunar New Year period, she would not be able to return to America to meet up with Tony.

Though the 35-year-old had expressed her desire to give birth to at least 3 children before she turns 40, she may have to shelf her plans temporarily.

However, Sonia also gave a witty reply, “Who knows, I may find it too painful after my first child and not want to have more!”

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