Sonia Sui appears unusually cold towards husband during dinner

Actress says they were distracted by a cute baby


Taiwanese actress and model Sonia Sui, 35, appeared unusually cold towards her husband, Tony Chia, when the pair were out having dinner at a restaurant recently.

Fans of Sonia worried that she had quarreled with her husband need not fear. “We’re fine, that night we went out for supper there was an adorable child at the next table so we kept stealing glances at it,” the actress wrote on Facebook yesterday.


Throughout the entire meal, Sonia faced away from Tony and stayed expressionless, paying little attention to the food. Tony kept his left hand on her waist and looked at her continually as he ate his dinner.

But as they left the restaurant and walked towards a shopping mall in Taipei, Sonia and Tony reverted to being a loving couple and linked arms, leaving witnesses confused.

The couple married last January and their son, Max, was born last August.


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