Sonia Sui appears in Taiwan looking un-model-like

Actress and new mum seen in public in dowdy getup

Sonia Sui

Taiwanese actress–model Sonia Sui has returned to Taiwan from Singapore with her husband, Tony, and their newborn son, Max.

But after showing off her stunning post-baby figure in Facebook and Instagram photos while in the Garden City, Sonia has turned up in Formosa looking less like a leggy supermodel and more like a frumpy mummy.

Husband and wife were spotted on Friday returning to their Taiwan home in a cab and struggling out of the vehicle with a baby carrier and bags of infant supplies.

Sonia Sui 2

Though the wind was messing up her hair, Sonia still turned back to thank the cab driver after having paid the fare.

According to her manager, the 35-year-old model is craving Taiwanese food after spending months in Singapore. Sonia was in confinement here after delivering her son in late August.

The actress plans to return to work in January 2016, and will continue to shuttle between Taiwan and Singapore.

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