Sonia Sui can’t bear to leave son

Actress loves being a mother, even if it means being covered in baby urine


Taiwanese actress and model Sonia Sui, 35, said she won’t be able to bear leaving her newborn son, Max, when the time comes for her to return to work.

“While waiting for good screenplays to come in, I’m savouring life at home,” she wrote on Facebook today next to photos of her and 3-month-old Max. “The day I have to return to work slowly approaches, and I’m feeling conflicted.”

While attending a commercial event for a brand of baby products yesterday, Sonia said her son could pee with gusto and often leaves her covered in urine. She added she was surprised how sloppy with her appearance she could become after she gave birth, and said, “Claw clips are a mother’s best friend!”

The actress’s husband, Tony, has been feeling neglected lately, she said, and he keeps asking if they could go out or travel abroad on their own, but Sonia can’t bear to be apart from Max. “The child is too adorable, and he’s changing every day!” she said.

Sonia said she’s just 3 kg from her pre-baby weight, and she plans to have two more children, starting the end of next year. But she said she hopes they’ll be twins, because shedding the pounds is hard work.

Sonia gave birth to Max in Singapore on August 30.

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