Sonia Sui consults Fann Wong, Christopher Lee on confinement tips

Despite painful natural birth, new mum still plans on having 2 more children

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Sonia Sui consulted Christopher Lee and Fann Wong on tips for her confinement period, and made her arrangements accordingly. The Taiwanese actress–model is recuperating in Singapore after giving birth to her son, Max, on August 31, and will stay here until her confinement period is over.

Sonia and Christopher were co-stars in Taiwan romance drama Mr Right Wanted, and she credits him for urging her to settle down.

Sonia’s mother has reportedly flown in from Taiwan to take care of the actress, and a hired confinement nanny is planning her meals. At a later date, the infant’s birth will be registered in Taiwan.

Sonia posted photos of newborn Max on Facebook soon after he was born, to the delight of fans. Sonia’s manager revealed that though having Max by natural birth was intensely painful, she will stick to plans to have two more children.

The actress chose to give birth in Singapore because of the country’s proximity to Taiwan, her husband’s fluency in English, and, most importantly, the prospect of being undisturbed by media.

Yesterday Sonia’s close friend and now sister-in-law Aggie Hsieh shared another photo of baby Max, adding, “What a lovely child, can’t wait to see you guys!”

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