Sonia Sui coos about new romance: It’s like a dream

Sonia Sui coos about new romance: It’s like a dream

Sonia Sui

Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui, whose budding romance with a man called Tony Chia came to light last week, is making full use of the time that she has with her new beau before the latter returns to United States for work.

Sources revealed that Tony works in the financial sector in Los Angeles and that he will soon fly back to the US after a two-week vacation in Taiwan. This also meant that he would not be around to celebrate Sonia’s 34th birthday on Oct 22.

Last Thursday, Sonia was spotted having lunch Taiwanese singer Lai Pei-Hsia, her husband Chia Zhi Hong, their daughter Aggie Hsieh and Tony, who is Zhi Hong’s son from his previous marriage. After the meal, the couple headed for Sonia’s abode where they reportedly spent three nights together.


Dressed in casual outfits, Sonia and Tony went shopping at the mall while holding hands on Saturday. Noticing the presence of reporters, the lovebirds did not shun the cameras and greeted everyone with a smile.

When probed on her new relationship, Sonia said with a look of bliss: “We talked about this. During this period when he came back to Taiwan, it had felt like a dream.”

The Fierce Wife star also let on that she was introduced to Tony by Pei-Hsia in April. Although he returned to America shortly after their first meeting, the two kept in close contact online. “We got to know more about each other through long hours of conversation. I myself was surprised by how much we could talk about,” she beamed.

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