Sonia Sui does not rule out shot-gun marriage

Speaking of baby-making plans, the happily attached actress will take things naturally


Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui, who went public with her romance last month, will let things take its course with regards to baby-making.

Speaking at the preview of her new drama Mr Right Wanted in Taiwan on Wednesday (Nov 5), Sonia revealed she does not rule out shot-gun marriage as she loves children. But she will take things naturally as her work schedule is currently packed.

The 34-year-old and her beau, Tony Chia who is said to be working in the financial sector, met half a year ago and the pair got together officially in September. She also recently flew to the States, where he is based, at to celebrate her birthday.

When asked if he was bothered by her previous relationships including one with actor Yao Yuan Hao which ended three years ago, Sonia said confidently that Tony lives in the moment like how Westerners do.

She then used a line from the drama to express how much she treasures her present relationship: “Those who have hurt you lead you to meet the right people. When you look back, don’t complain and have no regrets because your life is moving forward towards a better future.”

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