Sonia Sui enjoys her first Mothers’ Day cake

Sonia Sui happily received a Mothers’ Day cake and said she will continue to work even as a mother

Sonia Sui enjoys her first Mothers’ Day cake

At the start of this year in mid January, Taiwanese fashion model Sonia Sui revealed that she had a flash marriage with her boyfriend Tony. Earlier this month (May 2), she admitted on her Facebook that she has been pregnant for two months, saying, “Yes, our dear son will be arriving soon.”

Yesterday, 34-year-old Sonia posted on Facebook again, explaining that she has gained a lot of weight since she became pregnant and she now finds it difficult to wear her regular jeans. The actress has not been trying to diet or get back in shape either.

Sonia expressed her gratefulness for receiving a Mothers’ Day cake in the post: “I unexpectedly received the first Mothers’ Day cake of my life… Thank you guys, even though I’ve gotten used to the fact that I can no longer wear my jeans, I am still quite foreign to this new lifestyle as a pregnant woman.”

When netizens asked her if she will be working less now that she is a mother-to-be, Sonia replied, “My ideal goal is to be able to be a superwoman who can balance work and family life,” hinting that she wishes to continue on with her job.

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