Sonia Sui flaunts her husband’s love for her online

The mother-to-be thanked her husband for his sweet gift to accompany her while he is away

Sonia Sui flaunts her husband’s love for her online

Taiwanese model-turned-actress and mother-to-be Sonia Sui praised her husband Tony Chia online yesterday for thoughtfully caring for her during her pregnancy.

The 34-year-old, who announced earlier this month that she is four months pregnant, first began by sharing on Facebook that her sleep was affected and she has a weak constitution as she suffered from chronic backaches during the early stages of pregnancy.

Sonia then explained that Tony had thoughtfully purchased a big U-shaped pillow for pregnant women when she was into her second month of pregnancy.

As the couple is still living apart after marriage, Sonia was touched that her husband had specially purchased the pillow from an American website and had it shipped over to her home in Taiwan.

She wrote happily in her post, “It felt as though I was pulled out from Hell and brought back to Earth at that moment. Now that I’m almost midway through my course of pregnancy, I’m still having a good rest every night. If I had to choose the one item that is necessary during my pregnancy, it has got to be this.”

Netizens praised Tony for doting on his wife and also complimented Sonia for being “a pretty mummy”.

Sonia Sui flaunts her husband’s love for her online

Not only did she thank Tony in her post, she also posted a selfie she had taken while working out on a treadmill.

Though she’s in her second trimester, the 34-year-old ’s physique has not changed drastically as evidenced by the fitted black tank top in her selfie she posted yesterday. Apart from a little baby bump, Sonia’s limbs are still as thin as before.

Sonia also shared her tips on keeping fit, revealing that she would exercise for one and a half hours every day, training her muscles on her back, stomach, buttocks as well as her calves.

She also recommended mothers-to-be to exercise, explaining that it reduces water retention during pregnancy and relieves discomfort in the back.

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