Sonia Sui lost 13kg in 8 months

The model-actress endured strenuous training sessions to regain her pre-pregnancy figure


Sonia Sui made an appearance at a fitness event yesterday, where she showed off her toned and slender body, having lost 13kg since giving birth to her son, Max, in September last year.

At the event, Sonia revealed how she managed to shake off the baby weight, and how her husband helps her keep fit.

The self-professed snack lover first underwent a series of changes in her eating habits when she first married her husband, Tony Chia, who moderates her eating habits.

“Now, there’s no more white rice in the house,” the 35-year-old revealed. “I have not eaten bread or fries in a long time too.”

Sonia also wryly commented that being pregnant had caused her to be “back at square one” in terms of her fitness, with a noticeable decrease in her strength, as well as a weight gain of 13kg.


After she gave birth, she had to visit the gym regularly to train, and spent quite some time there before she was able to handle her original gym regime. With the strict coaching and supervision of Tony, she managed to slim down to her pre-pregnancy weight and svelte figure, weighing just 50kg.

However, the model-actress still feels that her body fat percentage is too high, and is currently working towards reducing her body fat by lifting weights three times a week, and working out using the gym’s equipment after that, if she still has the strength.

“[After I finish my weightlifting routine], I am on the verge of giving up , but that period of time is also when I’ll have a higher chance of developing muscles, so I listen to the trainer [and continue working out].”

Sonia also emphasised that pregnant mothers should not even think of trying to slim down while they’re still pregnant, and that she only started exercising and slimming down after she finished her confinement period.

Sonia married Tony, the stepson of veteran actress Lai Pei Hsia in 2015, and gave birth to Max, in Singapore nine months later.


Photos: PBE Media

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