Sonia Sui: My tummy feels like a tiny oven

Sonia Sui experiences changes in her body temperature due to pregnancy

Sonia Sui: My tummy feels like a tiny oven

Like most pregnant mums, Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui feels warm easily during the last trimester of her pregnancy and has no choice but to reduce the temperature of her air conditioning at night. This leaves her husband Tony Chia with no choice but to wear a thick beanie (winter headgear) to sleep in order to withstand the cold.

The seven-month-pregnant mother posted a photo on Weibo of her husband sleeping beside her with his beanie on and captioned: “My tummy feels like a tiny oven now and this is how poor Tony looks like when he’s sleeping when it gets too cold for him at home.”

Sonia Sui: My tummy feels like a tiny oven

Sonia, 34, also admitted to feeling cold the last few weeks but said she feels warmer lately and her body temperature has risen to the point where she needs to lower the surrounding temperature to feel comfortable.

Netizens left comments encouraging Tony to “bear with it for a little longer” and made jokes about how “one of them was experiencing winter while the other was experiencing summer”.

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