Sonia Sui praises husband for being gentlemanly

Tony Chia insists on carrying her heavy items for her

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Taiwanese actress and model Sonia Sui, 35, praised her husband on Facebook yesterday for being gentlemanly when he insisted on carrying her heavy items for her.

On their way out for a swim, Tony Chia asked if Sonia would use a different handbag because he said her turquoise one would be awkward for him to hold. “I told him I wasn’t the type of girl who expected her partner to carry her handbag,” Sonia wrote.

But Tony insisted that he should carry her load, because she had placed two bottles of water, sunscreen and an apple in the handbag.

“As you can see, I’m still carrying my own handbag,” Sonia wrote, “But Tony is eating the apple with one bottle of water tucked under each arm and he’s taking photos for me. What can I say, he’s a gentleman.”

Fans of Sonia commented that they would give Tony 100 likes, saying, “Thank you for taking such good care of Sonia and making her so happy!”

The couple wed in January 2015 and welcomed their son, Max, in Singapore last August.

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