Sonia Sui pregnant with her first child

The Taiwanese model-turned-actress reveals that she is three months pregnant and expecting a baby boy

Sonia Sui pregnant with her first child

Taiwanese model-turned-actress Sonia Sui recently announced that she and her husband Tony Chia are expecting their first child.

The 34-year-old further revealed that she is currently into her third month of pregnancy and the baby is expected to be a boy. She also emphasised that she did not have a shotgun marriage and the couple only learnt of the news in February while they were in Germany.

Last Saturday, she joyfully shared on Facebook, “Yes, our dear son would be arriving soon. We are very very happy and filled with anticipation. Thank you everybody for your concern and blessings.”

She also uploaded a photo of her and Tony standing next to each other bare-footed with a bright smile on their faces. Sonia was seen to have worn compression stockings on her calves, which is said to aid in the prevention of water retention during her pregnancy.

The usually tight-lipped Tony also broke the silence yesterday with a ‘thank you’ when the media congratulated him.

Sonia’s former boyfriend and Taiwanese actor Yao Yuan Hao also sent his blessings through his manager by commenting, “A big congratulations to her.”

Since Sonia and Tony’s flash marriage in America in January, the media have been concerned with the 34-year-old’s plans to have a baby but she frequently replied that she would “let nature take its course”.

However, in March, Sonia reportedly dreamt of a woman placing a chestnut in her hand, which is widely said to symbolise pregnancy. Though she denied that she was expecting a child, the media speculated that Sonia was already hinting about her pregnancy.

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