Sonia Sui retaliates to critiques on beau’s appearance

The Taiwanese actress retaliated to critiques about her beau’s “ugly appearance” through a Facebook post

隋棠不忿新欢长相被批 脸书发文怒反击

After confessing to her new relationship with someone called Tony Chia last Thursday, Taiwanese actress Sonia Sui has been seen in public with her boyfriend and even called her romance “a dream”.

While the public responded positively towards Sonia’s blossoming romance with Tony, a magazine chose to focus on her boyfriend’s looks instead and wrote a harsh story on it.

Refuting the magazine report in a Facebook post, Sonia lamented at the amount of bad karma accumulated by the writer and wrote: “Sorrow comes to mind whenever I think of this journalist who tried to hurt me. I truly believe one’s thoughts and actions reflect the beauty and ugliness that’s deep within our hearts.”

Defending her beau, Sonia added: “It’s fine if you don’t congratulate us, but attacking someone else’s appearance does not make you far more superior. Keep some good karma for yourself to bring blessings to you and your loved ones.”

The two, who started dating last month, reportedly kept in touch through text messages after their first meeting as Tony was living in the States then.

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