Sonia Sui’s husband gushes over Hello Kitty plane

Sonia Sui was embarrassed by her husband’s child-like behaviour when he discovered he was to board a Hello Kitty-themed airplane

Sonia Sui’s husband gushes over Hello Kitty plane

Lest you think womenfolk are the only ones going gaga over EVA Air’s Hello Kitty planes, think again.

Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui’s husband was so excited by the prospect of boarding a Hello Kitty themed airplane, he asked the airport staff repeatedly “Is this the Hello Kitty airplane? Is it? Is this the Hello Kitty airplane?” upon checking in.

When the staff confirmed that he’d be boarding a “Kitty” plane, Tony turned to his wife and exclaimed: “Baby! It’s the Hello Kitty airplane! Yay!! I’ve never been on it before, I’m so happy!”

The mother to-be, who was at the airport to see her husband off, posted about his gleeful reaction, which in turn caused a 5-year-old American girl in a nearby check-in line to screech and shout in excitement, on Facebook.

Sonia Sui’s husband gushes over Hello Kitty plane

The moment he boarded the plane, he immediately sent photos to Sonia, who was embarrassed by his enthusiasm. Sonia even ended her post musing about how she’d soon have “two kids to look after”.

After announcing news of her expectancy, Sonia reduced her workload and has been spending time with her husband. The couple registered for their marriage in January, and Sonia is believed to be currently residing in Singapore.

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