Sonia Sui shares her daily life as a mother

The actress-model confessed that her daily life was “unglamourous”


In a recent Facebook post, 35-year-old Taiwanese actress-model Sonia Sui shared that she had received a message from a new father, whose wife had wondered what a day in the life of celebrity mum Sonia was like. So she decided to write a post detailing a day in her life.

On Saturday, Sonia and her businessman husband, Tony, had brought their son out to the doctors’. However, instead of wearing the branded clothes that many people expect celebrities to wear  constantly, Sonia was actually dressed in “yesterday’s clothes, which smelled like grease from the kitchen”.

Sonia then explained that on Friday evening, the family of three reached home only after nightfall, so she had to rush to prepare dinner for her son and husband, leaving her with no time to dress up.

Once dinner was cooked, Sonia then had to do the dishes and feed her son Max. After that, she washed Max, who is always covered in food after eating.  


Sonia’s tasks were not done even after Max had finally gone to sleep. She then had to clean up the food that Max had thrown onto the floor before grabbing a few spoons of rice for dinner. After that, Sonia was so tired, she dozed off until the next morning, leaving her with no time to change out of her greasy clothes before bringing her son out to see the doctor. Sonia, her husband, and Max then had lunch at a nearby noodle store.

But Sonia’s struggles weren’t over. At that time, some of the customers in the shop started trying to take pictures of the family secretly, leaving Sonia to juggle coaxing Max, who had woken up crying from the noise, and gesturing to ask the customers to stop taking pictures.

Sonia’s gestures were “ignored by them”, leaving her mind “filled with thoughts of leaving as soon as possible”, making it hard for her to eat comfortably.

After sharing about her hectic daily life, Sonia then ended her post by sharing that while she didn’t know how other people envisioned her daily life to be like, she finds greater satisfaction in her unglamourous daily life, as compared to her life as a celebrity.

Photos: PBE Media

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