Sonia Sui shows off her sixth month baby bump

Sonia Sui revealed that her marriage to her businessman husband has been officiated in Taiwan

Sonia Sui shows off her six-month baby bump

Taiwanese model-actress Sonia Sui was invited by Taiwanese singer Joanne Tseng to a media event for Endless Jewellery, where she wore a black low-cut and backless maxi dress and showed off her sexy style for the first time since she announced her pregnancy.

Although Sonia and her husband Tony Chia registered for marriage in Las Vegas, America back in January, Sonia revealed that she only became officially married to her husband when she registered in Taiwan last month because of a few missing documents.

The 34-year-old added that she will be having a discussion with her family members to decide where to have her baby and revealed that she has already visited Singapore to see how things are like in the city-state.

Sonia Sui shows off her six-month baby bump

Her husband has also been cutting down on work and makes fewer trips to America now during this period of Sonia’s pregnancy.

Sonia admitted, “Since my pregnancy, I’ve already gained 9 kg… My baby’s kick is very powerful and I have difficulty sleeping sometimes. I even needed to consult my doctor.”

When asked about how she remains positive, Sonia responded, “Find a husband with a sense of humour. My husband really makes me laugh.”

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