Sonia Sui suffers dog scare

Actress’s beloved pet hospitalised

Sonia 1

Taiwanese actress and model Sonia Sui, 35, got a nasty scare yesterday when she missed a late phone call from the clinic her beloved dog was hospitalised in.

On Facebook she wrote, “This morning I discovered the vet had called me at midnight, but we missed it because we were all asleep. My mother and I tried to call them back many times during breakfast but there was no answer.”

After getting “so scared that (her) heart was about to jump out of (her) mouth,” the actress got through to the vet, who said he had forgotten to update her that her dog, named Babaobao, was looking in better spirits and its blood glucose level had stabilised.

The actress posted a photo of her 3-month-old son, Max, together with Babaobao, and added a caption in Max’s voice that read: “I will protect you!”

Sonia 2

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