Sonija Kwok suffered a miscarriage in April

The mother-of-one revealed the appalling incident through a Weibo post yesterday afternoon


In a shocking revelation yesterday, Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok let on on Weibo that she had suffered a miscarriage in April this year. The 40-year-old, who wed Chinese martial arts director Zhu Shaojie in 2011, had always wanted a second child to keep her two-year-old daughter Kylie Zhu company.

She expressed her agony in the post: “October 31 finally went by, that was my second child’s expected date of birth. I did not give birth to this child. He or she decided to become an angel in the skies and left quietly before Dad and Mum got to share their joy with the world. Time has passed but Mum will never forget you.”

In an earlier interview, Sonija shared how much she wanted to disclose the matter so that she could let go of things.

“When I knew I was pregnant, I was filming the drama Under the Veil. The entire crew knew and accommodated to my needs. I thought I could stay home and take care of the unborn child after filming ended but I did not feel nauseous [unlike other pregnant women].”

When the mother-of-one went for a check-up in April, she learned the baby’s heartbeat had already stopped. As she was still in her first trimester, the gender of the baby was unknown.

Although the couple were “devastated after the operation”, they have let go of their pain. However, Sonija said she still thinks of the episode now and then.

Before she revealed she had a miscarriage, there were rumours that she was expecting and the actress said she wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the matter as well as take a break and let her body recuperate.


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