Sports car enthusiast JJ Lin spotted at a luxury car showroom

The singer was checking out new cars to add to his fleet


Pop singer JJ Lin, with a net worth of NT$300 million (approximately S$12.6 million), is known for his love of cars. Often spotted driving Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz cars, JJ was spotted recently at a Ferrari showroom.

At the showroom, JJ was seen sitting at a corner using his phone, and eyeing the cars on display. The 35-year-old was spotted looking at a new F12 Berlinetta worth NT$22.3 million (approximately S$938 000), before settling his gaze on a Ferrari 488 GTB worth NT$13.8 million (approximately S$580 000).

The singer had previously revealed that as he was not free to attend the opening of the showroom, he’ll try to stop by and check out the new showroom when he’s free. During his visit, JJ lingered in the shop for half an hour, before eventually leaving for home in his Audi sports car.


Barely half an hour after returning home, the singer left in a NT$2.9 million (approximately S$126 000) BMW i3 car, and drove to the Xinyi District. At Xinyi District, JJ parked at a mixed-use commercial and residential building, with no sign of his car exiting the building, even till the wee hours of the night.

Other than his love for sports cars, the singer is also a collector of watches, having previously revealed that he has close to 10 watches in his collection. The 35-year-old also owns property in the Neihu and Da’an district in Taiwan.


Photos: PBE Media

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