Stage light scaffold for Jolin Tsai’s ‘Play’ concert collapses

1 dead, 13 injured from accident in Nanning, China

Jolin Tsai 1

A complex stage light scaffold for Jolin Tsai’s ‘Play’ concert collapses two days before her scheduled performance at Guangxi Stadium, killing one worker and injuring 13 others.

The accident occurred at about 5 pm yesterday afternoon in Nanning, Guangxi province, China.

Jolin Tsai 2

Jolin was not present when the accident took place, but after hearing the news she posted a message on Weibo last night at 11 pm, saying, “Found out about the incident and I feel awful, let’s pray for those affected, God bless!”

The Taiwanese pop star’s October 31 concert at that venue has been cancelled.

Jolin is about halfway through her Play World Tour across China, Taiwan and Singapore.

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