Stefanie Sun breaks down during incident-filled concert

Stefanie Sun was down with a sore throat and coughed non-stop during her concert

Stefanie Sun breaks down during incident-filled concert

Stefanie Sun’s incident-filled concert at China’s Nanning City on Sunday (May 31) must have been the hardest night of the Singaporean songbird’s career. Things weren’t flowing well to begin with, as a relentless rainstorm had forced the entire concert to delay by 40 minutes and caused the entire audience standing area to become a “pond”.

Stefanie, 36, had been suffering from a sore throat and cough for five days at that point, making her voice audibly hoarse that night. She was supposed to fly to Nanning last Thursday for a rehearsal, but the flight was delayed by one day so that she could visit the doctor.

Even after taking the doctor’s prescribed medication, her voice would still come and go. Up until the afternoon of the concert day, Stefanie was still unable to determine if she was good to go. The production team was even prepared to announce a postponement, but the dedicated singer decided the show must go on despite her bad health.

Stefanie Sun breaks down during incident-filled concert

When Stefanie sang ‘Unforgettable’, she couldn’t control her coughing and became voiceless at one point. The organiser had to yell stop to let her rest for five minutes, removing four or five songs from the set list.

After that, Stefanie returned to the stage choked with tears and her fans’ hearts went out to the singer when she said, “Actually, when I was singing ‘Unforgettable’, I wondered what I would do if I couldn’t continue singing. And at that moment I thought, if there was a “wall” here, I’d knock it.”

Due to the unfavourable weather conditions and the late start, the encore performance was cancelled. Stefanie immediately returned home to Singapore to rest.

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