Stefanie Sun meets with fans after releasing new song

The Singaporean singing diva divulges her family life and career plans for the new year

Stefanie Sun meets with fans after releasing new song

Taiwan-based Singapore singer Stefanie Sun delighted her fans with a surprise outdoor event in Taipei on Saturday (Mar 7) to celebrate her newly released song Radio achieving good results on the charts.

The 36-year-old showed her gratitude towards her fans by performing her new single live on stage and taking individual photos with every fan present at the event.

As Stefanie had just returned to work after her family vacation to Europe during the Chinese New Year break, she was visibly thinner than before as she has not gotten over her jet lag and still has a bad appetite.

However, the mother-of-one seemed at ease about her weight loss and instead, said she was happy to have brought her son on an overseas trip.

Stefanie also revealed that she was recognised by many fans in Europe but had asked them not to expose her location and travel plans, showing her utmost concern for her family and her privacy.

Speaking of her two-year-old son, Stefanie said with pride that he already knows how to sing her new song. “He would even dance to the beat,” she chirped.

However, Stefanie, who is set to begin a new concert tour this year, currently does not plan to have a second child.

When asked if she would be interested to take part in the highly-acclaimed Chinese singing programme I Am a Singer 3, Stefanie said she did not consider it as she does not think she is suitable for the show.

Apart from her fear of being awkward on the show, Stefanie stated that her singing method differs from singers who are experienced in belting high notes. She also admitted that she may not be suitable as a judge on the show as she is not very eloquent and is frequently candid with her remarks.

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