Stefanie Sun plans to have a second child

The singer had previously made it clear that she would stop at one

Stefanie Sun

Local singer Stefanie Sun surprised many after revealing her plans to have a second child next year, as she had been vocal about her decision to only have one child in the past, claiming that one alone was “tiring enough.”

When asked what caused her mindset to change, the singer first pointed at her slender figure and joked that it was “empty.” She then revealed that it was her 5-year-old son who had been asking for a sibling and would often comment that her “stomach was not getting bigger as she did not eat enough.”

She said that this idea stemmed from his adorable mindset that “babies came from one’s mouth” and mentioned that she does not mind trying next year when she turns 40. Stefanie added that she had no gender preference and would leave it up to mother nature.

Stefanie Sun1

However, the 39-year-old singer admitted that having a second child would require some sacrifices to be made. If she did get pregnant next year, she would have to temporarily halt all work activities which would include postponing her tour till after her birth, and that might take up to almost two years.

Stefanie also said that raising a child was no easy feat and that she would get into the occasional squabble with her son. However, they would always resolve it quickly as she realised that most of the times, he was just trying to lighten her mood and relive her stress. She also added that she never needed to resort to caning as he would behave himself as soon as she threatens to raise her voice.

Stefanie has been married to businessman Nadim Van Der Ros since 2011 and welcomed her son the following year. She recently flew back to Singapore last weekend to celebrate his birthday after wrapping up her music video shoot and promo tour in Taiwan.

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