Stefanie Sun’s new single leaked 2 days before release

Technical glitch in karaoke system causes the breach

Stefanie Sun’s new single leaked 2 days before release
Photos: PBE Media

Singaporean Mandopop singer Stefanie Sun, 37, released a new single yesterday across Asian radio stations, but the track had been leaked two days before.

According to an investigation by Universal Music Group, the track was leaked due to a technical glitch in a karaoke system in Malaysia.

The theme song for the movie Distance, starring Taiwanese actor Chen Bo-lin, will be available on digital platforms tomorrow.

Since her 12th studio album, Kepler, released in 2014, Stefanie has not issued a new album. This latest track was produced by Stefanie’s long-time collaborator Lee Wei Song, with lyrics by Hong Kong lyricist Lin Xi, and the China Philharmonic Orchestra was invited to perform on the recording.

Stefanie is reportedly working on tracks for her next album.

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