Stefanie Sun shares about her sisters

The local songbird was reminded of her sisters when she saw a painting at a museum in Amsterdam 

Stefanie Sun shares about her sisters
Local songbird Stefanie Sun went on a trip to The Netherlands with her Dutch-Indonesian husband Nadim van der Ros and two-year-old son “little Nadim” during the Chinese New Year holiday.

Besides posting photos of her family, Stefanie also shared about how she was reminded of her two sisters when she saw a painting of three women at Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s national museum.

According to sources, Stefanie’s elder sister Sng Yee Kia, who was once a rebellious teenager that ran away from home, is now a Vice President at an investment bank in Singapore.

Stefanie’s younger sister Sng Ee Mei, who is six years her junior, is said to bear such a strong resemblance to the singer that they were often mistaken for twins. However, Ee Mei has never thought of becoming a celebrity and currently works as a surgeon.

In her Weibo post, Stefanie said that even though the three of them have contrasting personalities, they enjoy a close relationship. “We have our similarities [in appearance] and yet, our faces look different, just like this painting (of the three women). It’s very interesting,” she wrote. 

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