Stephen Fung jokes about his appearance

Netizens were shocked when the Hong Kong actor-turned-director posted two photos of himself that bore a stark contrast

Stephen Fung jokes about his appearance

Hong Kong actor-turned-film director Stephen Fung gave his fans a shock when he posted a set of before-and-after photos of himself recently on Weibo.

Though Stephen has been in the entertainment industry for close to 20 years, the 40-year-old is still regarded as a ‘male god’ and is well-loved by the public for his good looks. He is also often said to have gotten more suave with age.

However, Stephen, who is the executive producer for an English film remake of Chinese classic tale Journey to the West, joked that his appearance may not be as perfect as what his fans perceive it to be.

Stephen Fung jokes about his appearance

To prove it, he posted a photo of his work pass for his movie “Into the Badlands”, where he could be seen with his cleanly-shaven face, back-combed hair and his signature dimples. Then, he swiftly uploaded another photo of him at work that bore no resemblance to the one before. Stephen, who is currently in America to shoot the film, donned a plain black T-shirt and he sported a scruffy look with wrinkles visible at the corners of his eyes and his forehead.

When the photos were released, fans were moved by Stephen’s dedication towards his film. Some left him words of concern like “(He is) so dedicated to his work that he doesn’t even care about his image” and “(You have been) tormented so badly, please take care of yourself”. Other also teased him, “Give me back my ‘male god’!” 

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