Summer Meng declines Mickey Huang’s marriage proposal

Actress posts carefully worded Facebook update to congratulate variety host on his Golden Bell win

Mickey Huang, Summer Meng

After successfully reconciling with two celebrity former lovers, Dee Hsu and Bowie Tsang, at the recent Golden Bell Awards, it seems Mickey Huang isn’t having the same luck with his current girlfriend, actress Summer Meng.

After the awards show, Summer posted a carefully worded Facebook update congratulating Mickey on winning Best Variety Show Host as the presenter of countdown programme Global Chinese Music: “Congratulations to all the winners. I probably should calm down. Those who work hard will get what they deserve, and I hope someday I may appear on the red carpet through my own efforts.”

“But no matter what, I will devote myself to producing better shows for everyone. I love what I do and I love performing. Congratulations to you too, and I will apply myself to run faster.”

Yesterday, Summer added a new Facebook post that said she was at a stage where she wanted to focus on her career. “I need to calm down because I’m more moved than excited, but we needn’t choose between our careers and relationships,” she wrote. “Marriage takes time to plan.”

Mickey publicly proposed to Summer after accepting his Golden Bell award. After thanking those who worked on Global Chinese Music, he added, “And to my dearest Summer, no matter how many awards I win, let’s set aside some time to get married!”

In response, Mickey said, “Marriage has always been about two people, two families, or even two management agencies, so what she says goes.”

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