Summer Meng down with shingles

Actress succumbs to virus possibly due to being overworked

Summer Meng, Micky Huang

Taiwanese actress Summer Meng, 24, has come down with shingles. She posted a Facebook photo of her skin covered in small red blisters on Monday morning, with a message saying, “Shingles is driving me crazy. Do take care of yourselves, everyone.”

Her boyfriend, Taiwanese host Mickey Huang, was busy filming the Chinese variety show Hidden Singer in Shanghai, so he couldn’t be with her. He ended the recording session at 3 am, and three hours later he set off for Beijing for another engagement.

Fans advised her to rest more, saying once a person has developed shingles the virus will return whenever immunity is weak.

Summer has been focusing on her career and keeping herself occupied with filming and endorsement and promotional activities after brushing off a marriage proposal from Mickey. After his public proposal during the recent Golden Bell Awards, she said, “Marriage takes time to plan,” implicitly turning down the offer.

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