Sunnie Huang delivers baby boy yesterday

The Taiwanese actress delivered her first baby one day after her birthday

黄小柔生日隔天剖腹产子 凑"一生一世"3

Taiwanese actress-singer Sunnie Huang sure had an unforgettable birthday this year. She experienced contractions right after her birthday celebration on Monday (Oct 13) and successfully delivered her first child, a boy, yesterday.

Sunnie’s expected delivery date was two weeks later but her contractions came earlier than expected and she had to undergo a Caesarean section.

During her pregnancy, she continued filming dramas and did not use of that as an excuse to stop work. Only co-actor Tsai Chang Hsien knew that she had bad morning sickness and even experienced bleeding up to six times, which almost caused her to suffer from a miscarriage.

Glad that the ordeal is over, the first-time mother happily posted on Weibo on her son nicknamed Orange, “My birthday is on the 13th and his is on the 14th, it is coincidentally 1314 (with the Chinese meaning of eternity).”

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