Sunny Wang admits to relationship with Dominique Tsai

After being friends for close to 10 years, the two finally became a couple

Sunny Wang admits to relationship with Dominique Tsai
Taiwanese actor-model Sunny Wang updated his Instagram with a photo of Taiwanese-Australian singer Dominique Tsai in a bikini on Tuesday night (Mar 3), proclaiming in his captions: “I finally understand what unwavering love means. I have found my dream girl!”

Speculations of them being a couple surfaced when they were seen kissing in public earlier this year and going on a trip to Sydney before Chinese New Year. They also frequently displayed their affection online by uploading and tagging each other in photos on their Instagram accounts.

When asked on his decision to make his relationship public, Sunny said frankly, “I wanted to share (about my relationship) because (I am) very happy.”

However, the 32-year-old stressed that they currently have no plans for marriage and wish to take things one step at a time.

The couple is said to have known each other in 2005 when they took Chinese language classes at the National Taiwan Normal University. They maintained an ambiguous relationship in 2007 but did not further their long-distance relationship as Dominique resided in overseas.

Sunny Wang admits to relationship with Dominique Tsai
It was not until last December when the pair rekindled their love, after Sunny had parted ways with his Chinese actress girlfriend Zhang Li a month earlier. While Taiwanese media speculated Dominique to be a third party, both she and Sunny strongly denied the rumours.

Having studied in America, Sunny is less conservative in his thinking and actions and cited his different views on life with Zhang Li as the reason for not getting along with her.

He also confessed previously that he wished to have an ABC (American-born Chinese) girlfriend in future and Dominique, who was brought up overseas with a good family background, fitted the requirements of his new lover.

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