Sunny Wang and Dominique Tsai lock lips in public

Dominique Tsai has been accused of being the third party in Sunny Wang’s previous relationship

Sunny Wang and Dominique Tsai
Taiwanese actor-model Sunny Wang and singer Dominique Tsai were caught kissing in public last weekend, shedding light on their widely speculated romance.

The two were spotted having dinner with their overseas friends at a pizza restaurant on Sunday night (Jan 25). During the meal, Dominique passed food that she did not eat onto Sunny’s plate several times. The couple not only exchanged glances and bright smiles, but they even uninhibitedly locked lips before their friends.

Although Sunny and Dominique left the restaurant separately, the lovebirds boarded the same taxi and headed to the actor’s luxurious apartment located at Ren Ai Road in Taipei where they spent the night.

According to media reports, Dominique was seen entering Sunny’s house in April last year when the actor was still dating his ex-girlfriend Chinese actress Zhang Li. At the time, Dominique claimed that she “lived in the same building”.

Subsequently, netizens spotted Sunny and Dominique travelling to The Philippines together, leading to accusations that the latter was a third party in Sunny and Zhang Li’s relationship.

However, both Sunny and Dominique refused to admit to their affair while their managers insisted that the artistes were “just friends”.

One month after Sunny and Zhang Li broke up last November, the actress wrote a Weibo post to “thank betrayal”, which is believed to be an innuendo on her ex-boyfriend’s cheating behaviour. 

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